What he did last night

My six year old boy is a monkey at bedtime. Every night I put him down at 7pm and every night he is up and down like a yo-yo till around 830 or 9. The problem is, I can’t tell him off that stringently because what he is doing for that hour and a half is writing. He writes stories, he writes me little love notes, he writes songs.
Every night he comes downstairs (where I am eating my tea or watching The 100) at least once to deliver me a love letter that he wants the whole family to see at breakfast, or to show me his latest story. And my heart melts and I know I would have done the same thing.
Last night was new though. Yes, I put him down at 7, yes he was back up again to see me at 8. But this time the love note he had written was not for me. It was for A GIRL IN HIS CLASS.
He loves her to the point of blushing when he tells me about her.
In order to show that he loves you, Riley gives you handmade gifts – paintings, drawings, letters and stories. So he has drawn her a picture, cut it out and written her a note on the back.

letter to elea1

letter to elea2

I laminated the letter before I went to bed, so that when he gives it to her it will be something she can keep, if she wants to, forever. Because what girl wouldn’t want to be reminded every so often, that at least once, she was adored, utterly, innocently and perfectly by a boy who loved her for who she is and not what she looks like!

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