What a month

First things first, the winner of my GREAT BIG COMPETITION is Petra Nordin Andersson, from Sweden.  Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to enter.  I hope you enjoyed following my blog tour.  Do stay in touch.

The great big competition was set to commemorate the launch of my second novel, The Weight of Souls, which was published early this month by Strange Chemistry.  

In fact I had two launch parties.  The first one was in London, at Forbidden Planet.  I met up with my publisher, publicist and a few writer (and one baker) friends in advance for what was billed as lunch, but which, given insane temperatures, ended up being ice-cream!  Then on to Forbidden Planet.  I was so excited about going to FP for my launch.  They have hosted such luminaries as Iain Banks and Neil Gaiman, so I felt as if I was treading in their footsteps.  I’m hoping it is auspicious.

I signed a few books in the back room.

ImageThen out to the main area where we said a few words, then started signing books.  There was even a queue.  And, as promised, cake!


We all had such a lovely time, friends who I hadn’t seen in years came for the launch, I met up with my sister and sister-in-law and a couple of my children’s god parents.  It was a really special evening – and afterwards we all went for cocktails, which ended the night beautifully.

My second launch party occurred because I don’t actually live anywhere near London and I wanted to celebrate with a  bookshop local to me and with my friends who could not make it to the big smoke.  I had cake again and wine at the wonderful indie bookshop Simply Books Bramhall (here I am with the co-owner, Andrew Cant, photo taken by Charlotte Palazzo).

Image I did a reading and a signing and again the weather was baking hot.  Afterwards we went for a much more informal after party, hosted by the wonderful Jane Christopher who hired a bouncy castle, gazebos and decorated with balloons and fairy lights.  The kids stayed up much too late and we all had too much wine.  It was awesome.

ImageThe book itself came out in America on the 6th (I would have loved a US launch … maybe when I get rich and famous) and it came out in Hardback, which is so exciting to me.  A friend of mine in America has seen it ‘in the wild’ and sent pictures, which made me very happy indeed.

To top off a fantastic month, I have just returned from a wonderful two week holiday in Turkey.  Having never been there before I am definitely planning on going back.  It is a stunning country with friendly people, lovely food and an awe-inspiring history.  Next time I’m going to visit Ephesus.



So, it has been a wonderful month.  In a few days Riley will be starting school for the first time (I’m going to miss him SO much), I will be joining a gym (I have a lot of cake and wine to work off), I will be planning a whole lot of school visits, and I will be working on my next novel.  In the meantime, I have a couple of quiet days left.  My son wants me to play a game in which I am ‘the wicked witch’ apparently I have to try and eat him and his sister.  

Pass the salt. 

  1. Congrats Petra!! i’m really happy for you, enjoy your prize!

    This was a great month for sure ^^ i can only wish you more success ( after a little rest and family time^^)

    • Avril
    • August 30th, 2013

    The tour was fun and interesting, and Kara is pleased to have found another Evanescence fan too. She just read the ‘planning school visits’ on here and is making wishes now lol! Glad you had a great time in Turkey, we loved it there and would definitely go back.
    Good luck wicked witch – watch the kids don’t shove you in the oven 😉

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