A wonderful gift

This has been a really exciting week for me.

First of all, look what arrived in the post:

The Weight of Souls ARC

What I find particularly interesting about the Weight of Souls ARC is that is looks just like the finished version.  My Angel’s Fury ARCs looked like this:

Angel's Fury ARC

It’s such a lovely looking book, I’m really pleased with it and I think it’ll look great on shelves.

While I was just getting over how much I loved my new book, I went along to the Cheshire Schools Book Award where I had been shortlisted for Angel’s Fury along with a fantastic list of other authors.  The other nominees were Jon Mayhew, Harriet Goodwin, Simon Mayo, Philippa Gregory, Moira Young and Frank Cottrell Boyce.

To be honest it was a little strange going along for an award for one book, when the second one was so much top of mind.  In fact I was so convinced that Angel’s Fury was ‘over’ that I had no expectations from the award.  I figured I was going along to provide ten minutes of filler time, then clap politely for Moira Young!

The ceremony was held in Rudheath and there must have been almost 200 students from Cheshire Schools there.  They were a lovely lot, listening attentively when I spoke, asking great questions (I really should be more prepared for the one about my own favourite author, my mind always goes blank when that one comes up and I sound like an ill-read oik every time – so apologies for that) and laughing at the right places.


The ELS had worked so hard putting together a lovely evening.  And Jon Mayhew and I were bowled over by how much effort had gone into choosing the books and voting for them.


When they announced the winners I was so pleased to hear Jon’s name come up, but even more pleased, and extremely shocked to hear my own name come first.

Jon's 'gracious loser' face

Jon’s ‘gracious loser’ face

It was a wonderful feeling to know that people are still reading and enjoying my first book, even if my publishers have moved on from it and I have gone onto something else.

Jon Mayhew and Bryony Pearce 002

It is a reminder that my words may always be out there, touching people, after I am not.

Thank you Cheshire Schools for the gift you have given me this week.  I am eternally grateful.

  1. Sounds excellent! I am tracking down my own copy of your first book immediately! Can’t wait to hold that gorgeous Weight of Souls cover in my hands as well.

  2. I too received an ARC of your ‘Weight of Souls’, and I must admit it looks pretty polished. I also got a lovely card (signed by you!) and a little ghost charm. So for that, I say thank you. I’m only halfway through WoS, but it’s an excellent read. So for that, I also say thank you.

    Happy writing!

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