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I’ve had a nail biting week or so, following the distribution of review copies of Angel’s Fury. “Haven’t they read it by NOW?” “Does everybody HATE IT?” “What on earth have I done?” And so on.

However, I quickly found lots of positive comments on Twitter (have I mentioned how much I love Twitter now – it’s kept me quite sane the last couple of weeks, because I knew when people received the book, were reading the book and finished the book) and some swiftly turned into fantastic reviews (I’ve linked from my website, so full reviews can be easily found).

Gillian Philip, a writer I hugely admire, as anyone who has been following my blog will know, has offered an endorsement (“Bone-chilling and haunting. The worst horrors of our own world collide with those of the paranormal in a gripping tale of terror, love and redemption.”) and the book will be printed with extracts from the earliest reviews, which came out just in time to make the print run!

Talking of which, Angel’s Fury is being printed THIS WEEK. Yes, somewhere in a warehouse, by Good Friday, there should be stacks of my book waiting to go out. My friend Jen is having her baby on Thursday and I’m sorry to say that I likened the printing of my book, to her new arrival. Okay, both are coming into existence this week, and you might say I’ve had a long time labouring, but really, Jen is definitely going to have a harder time this week than I am! Good luck, Jen.

Still, I’m excited and so stoked by the things people have being saying about the book so far. I’d love to give those reviewers hugs and bottles of wine and jewellery and so on, but have to settle for lots of good karmic thoughts!

The other good thing that happened this week is that I now have my sweaty hands on Department 19, Paranormalcy and Hidden; all books that I will hopefully be reviewing as part of the Bookette’s challenge (I say hopefully, because my current policy is, as my mother always told me, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ – which means if I don’t like it, I’m not posting a review). However, Halahmy’s Hidden is getting amazing reviews already “a book to counter bigotry” so I’m really looking forward to reading these and writing lovely reviews (so with any luck I’ll get some good karmic thoughts of my own).

It’s taken a little while to get these books because I ordered them from my local library (but not that long, they’re all only recently published). My financial situation means I can only afford to buy books I really love, so I pre-order from the library, then if I think I’ll want to read it again, then I visit a bookshop. So, a quick thank you to my local library for being so great and taking my long lists of reservations with equanimity and good humour.

I hope anyone catching up with me this week has a lovely Easter, a great time off work during the holiday period and lots of fun watching the Royal Wedding (come on – it’s a great excuse for a knees up).

  1. Angel’s Fury is a fantastic debut novel, Bryony is a fabulous interviewee and I thoroughly recommend Angel’s Fury.

    Tracy 🙂

    PS I have exactly the same review policy.

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