The Weight of Souls: A Very BIG Competition

To commemorate my upcoming blog tour and the launch of The Weight of Souls, I am running a competition.   So, most importantly, prizes first.

Competition prizes

One Weight of Souls postcard, signed.

One signed copy of my first novel, the now ‘out of print’, Angel’s Fury.

One signed copy of The Weight of Souls.

And if that isn’t enough …

One Ouija board necklace on a silver chain

One hand made ghost charm for mobile phones, key-rings etc.

This competition is international.

All you have to do is follow my blog tour (which you were going to do anyway … right?)

And to prove that you have done the hard work, I have a list of questions.  The answers can be found in a few different blog posts (and I very kindly tell you which blog post contains the answer to each question).

To enter, at the end of the blog tour simply send me an email with the answers to each question and I will pick a lucky winner from those who send in all the correct answers.

  1. Booky Ramblings of  a Neurotic Mum, 25th July

Among my ten favourite films one stands out.  It really doesn’t fit in with the others.  What is it?

  1. Death Books and Tea, 27th July

What character did I want to avoid imitating when I wrote Taylor?

  1. Words are Inner Music, 28th July

Name one of the strands of research I did for The Weight of Souls

  1. Uncorked Thoughts, 29th July

What was the average survival rate of someone working on the tomb of Tutankhamen?

  1. Book Angel, 31st July

What is Taylor and Justin’s love song?

  1. Daisy Chain Books Reviews, 1st Aug

Where specifically, in London, did I live?

  1. And Then I Read a Book, 2nd Aug

How did I walk around the playroom when I was doing my research?

  1. Escapism From Reality, 3rd Aug

Which college, in which university did I go to?

  1. Serendipity Reviews, 4th Aug

Who would I cast as Pete in the Weight of Souls film?

  1. Sons of Corax, 5th Aug

What does Tamsin’s name mean?

  1. Manga Maniac Café, 6th Aug

In my opinion, what three words best describe Taylor?

  1. Fantasy Ink, 7th Aug

What time does my alarm go off?

  1. Cuts of Paper, 9th Aug

Why is Anubis black?

  1. One Page Reviews, 11th Aug

When Taylor first appeared to me as a character, what was she holding?

  1. Winged Reviews, 12th Aug

What is my favourite ghost story?

The email address to which you need to send your entry is as follows:

Please title your email ‘Weight of Souls Competition’.  The competition will close on 24th August 2013.  The winner will be announced on the 25th.

Thank you and Good Luck.

  1. I entered 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to know the winner, it’s was a really fun contest. thank you once again for it

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