Won’t somebody, please, think of the children …?

Did you know that ‘seven children’s writers made the list of 10 most borrowed authors from UK libraries last year. Only three adult writers made the list, and they are all American’ (Guardian)? To me, that suggests that it’s children who use our libraries the most, but it’s children who have no say whatsoever in policy. They don’t get a vote, they aren’t in a position to say what they want, or don’t want – in the case of library closures. Most of the time it’s left up to their parents and frankly most of us a too busy trying to run a household on decreasing money, hold down a job in a difficult economy and raise our kids to be decent human beings to summon enough time to do all the work it would take to bring our views to a Government that treats us as an inconvenience, or at best a pool of willing volunteers ready to take up their slack.

BBC News – Children’s authors dominate UK library book lending.

But there’re a few kids out there speaking up for themselves. Jessica Truman is nine and she is running a campaign to save her own library, which would put most of us adults to shame. She’s speaking up for herself and cutting past bureaucracy that adults would probably falter at. She’s doing a great job at making her voice heard. And the Government is worried.
Do you know how I know?
Because Roy Clare tried to undermine her campaign. He tried to make her look stupid and in the process made himself look like a royal a**e. Yes, we’re onto you, Roy.
You suggest that she doesn’t understand the bigger picture, that she’s naive, ignorant and well … stupid. That crying about library closures is like teenage girls crying about Take That splitting up.
You would only do that if you were really worried that she might succeed. It’s an obvious ploy pulled out by countless US politicians – a smear campaign.
But, guess what? Jessica may be nine, but she isn’t stupid, in fact that little girl has a fantastic political career ahead of her. She gives a considered, thoughtful, mature response and makes Roy Clare look like an even bigger idiot. If any library stands any chance of being saved (except those belonging to Cameron’s own constituency of course) it’s Jessica’s. Well done Jessica Truman, if I was your mother I’d be madly proud of you.

Full article on Roy Clare’s gaff.

  1. Thanks for sharing this one Bryony – great article.

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