British Books Challenge

Two things today – first of all I have committed to taking part in The British Books Challenge set by The Bookette.

Now, calling it a challenge makes it sound a bit well, chore-like. In fact, what I have to do is read twelve books by British Debut YA / MG authors by the end of the year (I’m assuming my own doesn’t count) and write little reviews of them. Oh the torture! Here is the list of books I’m planning to have read by the end of the year.

Brenna Yovanoff: The Replacement
Miriam Halahmy: Hidden
Kiersten White: Paranormalcy
Karen Mahoney: The Iron Witch
Will Hill: Department 19
Alexandra Adornetta: Halo
Sara Grant: Dark Parties
Paula Rawsthorne: The Truth About Celia Frost
Caragh O Brien: Birthmarked
Lauren DeStefano: Wither
Josephine Angelini: Starcrossed
Kate Harrison: Soul Beach

I’m very much looking forward to this particular ‘challenge’ – bring it on!

And the second thing is that my Uncorrected Bound Proofs have arrived (imagine me all excited).

They look great and as soon as I’ve stopped blogging, I will be starting my read through. It’s weird to think that I can curl up in a chair with my very own book.

  1. Brenna Yovanoff is British?

    • The Bookette has a list and she’s on it … which is nice as I’ve already read, loved and reviewed The Replacement – which puts me one ahead!

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