Authors for Japan: Grand Total

I’m sure we all watched the earthquake and tsunami coverage with mixed feelings.  Horror, of course; awe, perhaps at mother nature’s incredible power; disbelief, maybe – surely this is special effects – there can’t really be people in there, can there? Possibly, like me, many thought … I wish there was something I can do!

Keris Stainton was one of those people and she actually went and did something. In an incredibly short time she put together an online campaign Authors for Japan and asked authors if they’d like to donate anything for auction.

I offered a signed copy of Angel’s Fury (one of my few advance author copies) but there were some truly amazing offers on there, offers which raised a huge amount of money. Signed illustrations, mentoring, critiques, posters, book dedications, character naming, to name but a few … and I admit to slightly obsessively checking to see if my contribution actually had any bids … poor thing.

The Guardian picked up the campaign and this resulted in over 50,000 hits!

So if you’d like to see how much Keris Stainton raised for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, please follow the link below.  It’s impressive.

Authors for Japan: Grand Total « Keris Stainton.

The devastation in Japan is horrific and our contribution seems small compared to economist’s estimates of how much it will take to rebuild, but perhaps knowing that people are thinking of them and trying to help them will go some way to helping them rebuild their lives.

I’m very inspired by Keris Stainton. Next time when I think ‘I wish there’s something I can do’ … I’ll think of her and perhaps I’ll actually be able to do something.


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