The Edge

Another trip to London … this time to meet the seven other writers who, in addition to myself, have decided to get together a form a sort of writers’ pop group called The Edge. In addition to having a joint blog, which will be much more organised than this one, we also intend to do joint events at festivals, schools, libraries, bookshops and anywhere else we can think of! We’ll be able to offer panel discussions, workshops and joint signings (and probably more once we’ve thought of it) and having met the other writers in person, I’m certain we can put together a good, fun package (among us we have acting and musical talent as well as writing, so we literally can be all singing and all dancing – except that I personally won’t actually be singing or dancing thanks to a hip replacement and tone deaf affliction).

We fit together well because we all write ‘edgy fiction’.

From left to right we are: Savita Kalhan, Dave Cousins, Paula Rawsthorne, Katie Dale, Miriam Halahmy, Keren David, Sara Grant and myself (not a recent picture)!

Our books are all very different, at least on the surface, we write about hard-hitting issues ranging from child abandonment to child abduction, from deception to redemption, from contemporary urban fiction, to dystopian fiction to paranormal fantasy. All of our books however, have a controversial element and all of our protagonists are forced to take on adult roles and therefore lose a little of childhood, whether it’s facing down nightmares, physical adversaries, or societal expectations.

Not all of our books are out, but I can’t wait to read them all and I can’t wait to get going as a part of ‘The Edge’.

As Calvin (from Bill Wattersons’ Calvin & Hobbes) once said ‘further bulletins as events warrant’.

  1. Great post Bryony. I think you could have just written the copy for the Edge website! And we definitely need to get Calvin and Hobbes involved – brilliant! (Did you see last years Christmas cake on my blog?)

    • Just looked at it – awesome. My husband’s all jealous, I suspect we’ll be getting a Calvin and Hobbes cake next year! I’m a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan and my husband and I kind of got together over Calvin and Hobbes books. He asked me up to his room to see his collection! Which I read … and then left.

  2. If we’re a pop group I’ll play acoustic guitar ( unplugged) wearing my biker gear.
    Otherwise – another great post about The Edge. Many thanks!

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