Good news!

So, I’ve been pretty busy for the last few months.  I’ve been blogging periodically on The Edge (a group of eight edgy writers who have joined to promote one another and do group events) and horribly neglecting my own blog here.  Sorry about that.

I’ve been doing school visits, which I think I’ve finally got the hang of. Instead of talking about myself, I worked out that, just like a good book, a school visit should help the children learn something about themselves, so I do a personality quiz based on the characters in my books and a version of the Milgram’s ‘obedience to authority’ experiment (as well as talking about myself).  So far I’m getting great feedback.

I’ve been to the SCBWI Great Expectations conference in Winchester.  I blogged all about it for The Edge

It was particularly good for me, because a couple of lovely editors asked to see my new work. I’ve been giving Windrunner’s Daughter and The Society a final polish for the last week and hope that they’ll be on their way in the next few days.  Fingers crossed!

Finally, a number of my friends have been shortlisted for awards recently and while I’m really pleased for them (particularly fellow Edge writer the lovely Miriam Halahmy who’s debut YA Hidden has been longlisted for the Carnegie Medal), I have to admit (and yes, I know it makes me a terrible person) to feeling a little jealous.

Well, I no longer have to feel so green as Angel’s Fury has been shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award.  I’m really excited.  Even if I don’t win, I get to go to an awards dinner in May and being shortlisted out of so many amazing 2011 YA publications, is very special.

So friends, if I don’t get back to this blog before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday.

With love.

  1. Any excuse to go to Leeds, the Eternal City ( and my birthplace) has got to be good. Well done, Bryony.

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to visiting my new favourite place … all hints and tips very welcome!

  2. School visits sound fun! I think we’re all guilty if a little envy now and then so don’t worry and enjoy the holidays!

  3. Congrats! Make sure you go to the ceremony – they do prizes well, Leeds do!

  4. So pleased for you Bryony. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. Fingers crossed.

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