Bryony Pearce

My name is Bryony Pearce and I am an author of dark, thrilling YA fiction.  I have won the Leeds Book Award and The Cheshire Schools Book Award.  I have two children, a husband and a cat.  After meeting me people are often surprised about how dark my work is, I am deceptively happy.

Angel’s Fury, was published by Egmont in 2011.

The Weight of Souls was published by Strange Chemistry in August 2013.

Phoenix Rising published by Stripes in June 2015.

Phoenix Burning published by Stripes in March 2016

Windrunner published by Xist February 2016.

Wavefunction published by Telos March 2016

Savage Island, published by Stripes April 2018

For more information, including sample chapters, trailers, reviews and information about school visits and events, please visit my website

You can also follow me on Twitter @BryonyPearce or like me on Facebook as BryonyPearceAuthor.

    • Kate Priestley
    • March 8th, 2011

    Hi Bryony,

    I’m a youth librarian for Kingston Libraries and would be interested to know if you’re planning to do any author events when your book comes out.



    • Ella Pennington
    • September 28th, 2011

    Hi Bryony,
    Its Ella Pennington here and I just wanted to let you know how excited I am that you are coming to my school on the 3rd of November.
    I have bought and re-read your book 3 times now and I have to say it still grips me everytime.
    From a very impatient,

    • Hi Ella
      I’m very much looking forward to meeting you too. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my book and I hope you got my letter (sent c/o Urmston bookshop).
      See you in November.
      Warm regards

    • Ella Pennington
    • October 9th, 2011

    Yes I did get your letter (I love letters). I cant actually believe that I have to wait until November!!!
    Immensly looking forward to meeting you

  1. Hi Bryony, wish you so much good luck with Angel’s Fury! I’ll be keeping an eye out for it 🙂 Great blog btw, loved your post down on memory lane x

    • Kevin Cordell
    • April 1st, 2014

    Hi Bryony,

    Just read your Blog. Thanks for the mention. You were good company and I enjoyed the time we spent together.
    Have started Angel`s Fury so am compelled to ask – How does something as Dark come out of such a sweet looking person as You?

    Take care.

    Kevin x

    • Appearances can be deceptive! Everyone has a dark side, I just exorcise mine through literature …
      I hope you enjoy the book.

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