The UKYA Easter Egg Hunt by Bryony Pearce

UKYA-egg-huntbannerYou should already know what you’re doing by now, but just in case, welcome to the UKYA Easter Egg Hunt! One very lucky winner will receive a huge grand prize of signed books and other swag by over thirty YA authors who write and live in the UK.

All you have to do is read this blog, count up how many UKYA branded Easter eggs you see in the blog, then follow the link at the end to the next blog. Keep going until you get back to where you started and add up the number of eggs you’ve seen along the way.

Email your answer to

A winner will be chosen at random from the correct entries and contacted by email.

This closes at noon on the 5th April and is open internationally.

So get finding those eggs – and perhaps you’ll discover some great UKYA authors along the way.

Good luck

My name is Bryony Pearce and I write books for teenagers. It sounds like an introduction to an Authors Anonymous speech because writing is kind of an addiction – when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing, talking about writing, wishing I was writing, or planning my next piece of writing (don’t tell the family).

I write books for teenagers mainly because I have a teenaged voice. I write the books I want to read and it shocks me when I look in the mirror and see this old looking mother-of-two staring back at me.

ukyaeastereggI write for teenagers because teenagers feel so strongly, have still got first experiences ahead, can still be influenced by what they read. The books that teenagers fall in love with will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Maybe I can be that writer for someone: the one they remember, the one who has influenced them in some way.

ukyaeastereggI write for both boys and girls, but I always write books with strong female characters in (even if they aren’t the MC – the Phoenix Rising trilogy has a male MC, with a kick ass heroine to help him), because I want my characters to be role models as well as entertainment. My stories are all thrilling and character-led, full of conflict and excitement (and sometimes ghosts, gods or fallen angels).

My first book, Angel’s Fury was published in 2011 and is about a teenager who gets reincarnated and must defeat the fallen angel who is manipulating her life. My second book, The Weight of Souls, was published in 2013 and is about a teen who sees dead people. I have two novels coming out this year: Phoenix Rising, the first of a trilogy is out on the 1st June and is a post-apocalyptic adventure about pirates, In November Windrunner comes out and that is straight up sci fi.ukyaeasteregg

You can check out my work and find out more about me on my website or follow me on twitter for more of my musings @BryonyPearce

My prize for the egg hunt is a ‘pirate’ necklace which goes with my new novel. Phoenix Rising. I can’t give a copy as it isn’t out quite yet. But I hope the necklace is a decent enough substitute (along with a signed postcard).

Hope to see you again

Here is the next blog you need to go to. Happy reading.

  1. Yes yes YES to all of the writing things. I love that YA can be SO INTENSE and so meaningful as to stay with us for the rest of our lives. That kind of thing carries weight.

    I have a special place in my heart for angels, seeing dead people, and strong MCs so just ❤ s all the way.

  2. I SAW ANGEL’S FURY IN MY LOCAL BOOKSTORE!! AND THE MOMENT I HAVE MONEY TO BUY THEY SAID THEY’RE OUT OF STOCK!! sorry for shouting 🙂 I love books about angels, and I still don’t have your book 😦
    Have a great day though! 🙂

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