What a week

Launch week was a crazy week.  First of all my party on the Sunday night; friends and family came from far and wide (Romania, Guernsey, Cumbria, London, Hertfordshire, Lancashire) to help me celebrate and I had a wonderful time.  I almost sold out of books and had a great many celebratory cocktails.

On Monday I travelled down to London for lunch with my editor, Philippa, my agent, Sam and my publicist, Jo.  We had Thai food at Addie’s Cafe, champagne and then I very gratefully spent the afternoon in an air-conditioned room quietly signing books.  Just what my sore head needed.

On Tuesday I did a talk and signing in my local library.  We had a turn-out of twenty and I sold my remaining books.

On Wednesday I travelled to Crosby for 930am.  In the morning I visited Merchant Taylor Girls School and met two absolutely lovely groups of girls who kept me answering questions until their teachers kicked us out.  In the afternoon I was at Merchant Taylor Boys school and was asked to present awards during their end of year ceremony.  Three boys showed me around their school (Cameron, Harry and Viyas), they were articulate, charismatic and a credit to their school.  Then I presented awards to ‘the talent’ and received a wonderful gift of candleholders and a bunch of flowers, which was totally unexpected and for which I must write a thank you card!

I’ve since been in Waterstones Macclesfield, and am on a blog tour, which feels very cosmopolitan and celeb-ish.  I’m obsessively checking my Amazon ranking and searching the Internet for reviews, which are, so far, overwhelmingly positive.

A couple of weeks on from the launch, people are coming up to me in the street, sending me texts and messages on twitter and facebook to tell me how much they enjoyed my book.  It’s a wonderful feeling and really I couldn’t ask for anything more from a book launch.

Thank you everyone who has taken part and made my dream come true.

And this week?

… I’m potty training a two year old.


  1. I’m so proud by proxy!! I keep talking about my friend who’s just had her first book published, and that i can’t wait to read the next book!!

    • Jessi
    • August 8th, 2011

    I have just been on holiday and forgoot my book. Luckily in the hotel i stayed in were some books and one was yours. I could not put it down and read it within 2 days. It was a brilliant book and am hoping you fetch some new ones out soon. Well done for such a good book.

    • Thanks Jessi. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. It’s better travelled than I am already!

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