Twitter and the Arm Hair Affirmation

I have been using Twitter a lot this week and I’m only now seeing it’s appeal.  I started with a measly 18 followers (all appreciated, every one) and was told that if I wanted more, I would have to just start following other people.
I’m a bit of an old fashioned girl, you see, and had been under the mistaken impression that it was ‘rude’ to just ‘follow’ someone around.  I was only following people I knew, or people who had specifically invited me, or in the case of Neil Gaiman, someone I really wanted to stalk!  Okay, I broke my own rule with Neil Gaiman, but I’ve been feeling really guilty about ‘following’ him without an express invitation.
So I bit the bullet and spent part of a day just looking for people to follow. I made sure they were people with a similar interest or occupation as me, but I was still concerned that my ‘inbox’ would be filled with tweets from strangers.
The result of this day’s work was threefold.  One – I’ve almost got 50 followers, which makes me feel quite popular.  Two – I feel like my eyes have been opened, I’m less of a luddite and I’ve discovered a new way of making friends.  (The definition of the word friends almost needs updating).  Three – I’ve discovered some really interesting people and been directed to some great blogs.
This is what I really wanted to talk / rave about.  I’ve discovered another writer who says she’s influenced by Anne Macaffrey I wonder how many of us are out there and what it would be like to compare our own work.
I also found a writer who blogs about fairytales and mythology, which I’ve always been fascinated by.  Her name is Katherine Langrish and her blog is fascinating reading; she quite inspired me.  In her piece about Jane Yolen I found the following:
“Sacred in story has nothing to do with organized religion or disorganized religion. It has to do with that moment you are reading a story or hearing it from a teller’s mouth, and suddenly the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck rise up. The moment when you and the story ascend a level of humanity and touch the very hem of heaven. Call it the Numinous Effect or the Arm Hair Affirmation or anything else you wish. I call it sacred.”
I would never have found that amazing piece of writing without Twitter.  How wonderful is The Arm Hair Affirmation?  The moment when you and the story touch the hem of heaven.
Her idea had that yes moment for me – ‘yes, I agree, that’s the way I feel when I read something wonderful’, but it struck me as a writer as well as a reader.  It made me feel incredibly proud.  There’s a chance, however small, that someone, somewhere will feel the Arm Hair Affirmation when reading Angel’s Fury.  That’s what I want.  THAT’S why I’m a writer.
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