Library closures

There seems to be an idea that ‘Libraries are nothing more than glorified internet cafes and DVD rental shops.’ or that they’re some kind of ‘nostalgia trip’, that only people in middle England who remember going to them as children want them to remain, just so that they can know there’s a library in their village.

The Government thinks libraries should be shut down and the money ‘used for something useful.’

Shame I say.  They might as well start book burning.

Hand in hand with the idea that education should only be for those who can afford to shoulder enormous debt, now comes the idea that reading should only be for those who can afford to buy books.

Libraries for me are not a nostalgia trip, they’re an essential part of the way I raise my children and spend my time.  I’m in my local library at least once a week, usually twice.  They have a children’s Rhymetime on Friday mornings, at which Riley and I are regular attendants (it’s free – how many other children’s indoor social activities in this day and age are actually free).  It’s a great place to go when it rains, where I can sit and read to my son, books that he doesn’t have at home.  I can get out enough books to keep me reading (which otherwise would be beyond our financial means) and not just old books either – I can order in new books and get them pretty fast at the cost of just £1.  And because it’s free I read things I otherwise wouldn’t.

I can meet friends there, I can use the computer and I see many old age pensioners (with no computer of their own at home) using the facility for free (my uncle has just been told if he wants to collect his pension he has to have an email address – how else is he to get one?).

The children see the library as a magical place and they love to browse the books. They can get out a DVD, or a game for their wii without it costing all their pocket money.

They are learning to love books and to have books accessible.  How is a library an obsolete dinosaur?

Don’t close our libraries.

You bastards.


  1. i was shocked and super annoyed to hear that officials asked children’s laureate michael rosen for ideas and then when he came up with a blueprint for reading and libraries, whatdid they do? they IGNORED it. it’s not just about buildings, it’s about READING. all bloggers should blog about it. shame on this government!

  2. A closed library means learning is cancelled.
    We need to make a fuss.
    It worked about grassroots sport – so why not libraries?

    • V. Kathryn Evans
    • December 1st, 2010

    Sock it to ’em Bryony , we’re all with you

  3. Hello Bryony. You may be interested in the Voices For The Library campaign . We are highlighting the value of public libraries and are looking for positive personal stories from library users about the value they place on libraries. Given your comments above, I wondered if you’d consider contributing something to the site? Details about contributing can be found on the site.
    Thank you – Gary

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  2. December 4th, 2010
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