More school visits

I’ve just completed my second school visit, this time with older children (year sixes).  I’m knackered again, but so psyched.  It was fantastic to talk to a class who were able to engage and ask questions that were interesting and well thought out.  It was amazing too, to see how interested some of them were and to watch a few start disinterested and then join in.  In a class of thirty of course there were some who tuned out, but I think I managed to get pretty much all of them talking at least once during the morning.

I didn’t want to plug my book too much, as the visit wasn’t meant to be a sales pitch, but I did use extracts as examples to teach them various aspects of writing and it was wonderful for me to see how they reacted to my work.  Some were actually upset that the book wasn’t out for them to read, others wanted to put it on their Christmas lists or were planning to buy it for their older siblings (by the time it comes out they’ll have all forgotten, but I reckon I had a few virtual sales there)!

I had so much fun interacting with the group and we covered loads – plotting, characters, pace, dialogue … I reckon the teacher will have enough to keep them going for a bit!

I’ve set a competition – I want to see plots for stories, then scenes from the stories.  I can’t wait to see if they’ve managed to take any of my advice on board!

Thank you Dean Valley Year Sixes.  I had a great morning and I hope you did too.



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