School visit

I’ve just completed my first school visit as an author and I’m knackered.  I have newfound respect for teachers (not that I didn’t respect them before, but I never really got behind the idea of the six week long holidays – I now understand the need).

My first school visit was at my daughter’s school and I went to her reception class thinking it would be a lovely friendly place to start.  I was faced with thirty children aged four and five and a teacher who’s very sweet appearance I now know hides a backbone of steel!

As I write for teens I wasn’t sure how well the visit would go, but I co-opted Julia’s Jarman and Donaldson for picture book reading and used their work to explain what I did.  The children seemed to enjoy themselves and all got involved.  I suggested that we come up with some characters to make our very own picture book (which I’m going to get published using

After some serious workshopping I now have three characters to write a little story around, then the children are going to do the illustrations.

All ideas on stories involving ‘Sue the Sneaky Scarecrow’, ‘Rory the Storytelling Robot’ and ‘Two Stone Lions’ are more than welcome!

Thanks to Dean Valley Reception class.  I’ll be seeing the Year sixes on Monday … gulp.

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