The can

My blog has been horribly neglected recently, to be fair, so has my other writing.  I’m in a holding pattern.  My first book – Angel’s Fury – is ‘in the can’ (as I like to think of it).  It has been copy-edited and any significant changes I’d like made from now on, I have to pay for.  Scary. So now I’m waiting to see what happens next.  Maybe I’ll see something interesting happen over the next few months.

My second book – Truth or Dare – is with my editor.  She says she loves it, but can I do a round of edits before it goes to acquisitions?  Now I’m waiting for her comments. Sadly no ‘love’ is unqualified in this industry …

My next book – Aviators – has reached chapter five and stalled.  I’ve lost confidence in the style I picked to write it in and may need to rip the whole thing up and start again, so I’ve gone back to Windrunner’s Daughter.  I know what was wrong with it, I know how to make it better, but I’m kind of stalled on chapter four.

So … a holding pattern.  Which wouldn’t be an issue, except my son is likely to give up his lunchtime nap in the next few months – this could be my last chance for some serious daytime writing in some time.  So I need a kick up the butt.

Any takers?

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