I often get asked how I find the time to write.  I’m a full time mum to two young children, I don’t use childcare, I don’t have parents who can take the kids for a couple of hours every day or so, in order for me to write a chapter.  Occasionally my husband (who plays cricket most weekends) feels the bite of guilt and takes them for an hour or two on a Sunday so I can have some ‘me time’, but that’s it.  My daughter, Maisie, is a good sleeper (although it took her 11 months to get that way she now goes till 7 or 8 every morning).  Before I had Riley I’d simply get up two hours before her and do my writing then.  Now I have one of the world’s worst sleepers on my hands – a small boy who, at 19 months, is only just showing signs of willingness to sleep through.  I’m simply too tired to get up at 5am and work.  Now I try and fit in a bit of writing every spare minute I have.  If Riley is having a lunchtime nap, I throw down a sandwich and get an hour of writing done, if Andy is working away from home (he does that), I’ll work after they’ve gone to bed, or I’ll get ten minutes while he puts our tea together.

It sounds difficult, but the important thing, is that if I spend too long without writing, the story builds up and I get tense and cranky.  I get itchy and antsy and I NEED to write.  I’m a better mum for having a couple of hours in front of the keyboard every so often.  I guess it’s true, a writer has to write.

E.B White said … A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

I haven’t managed to do much writing this summer at all, so although I’m kind of dreading Maisie’s first full day of school, I’m also kind of looking forward to getting back to a solid bit of writing time when Riley has his nap.  It’s a funny old life.

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