Welcome to the world

Today I attended a rather fantastic welcome to the world ceremony.  The weather was wonderful, the location was beautiful and the people were lovely.  There was a bbq, toys for the children, picnic rugs.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

Held under a huge tree, the ceremony made use of nature’s metaphor in every way.  The parents spoke about how they want to give their son (Rudi James) roots and wings, how they want him to spread his branches and reach for the stars.  It was rather lovely.  And Oddparents instead of Godparents!

I’m Catholic and I don’t often get to see people of other faiths (or agnostics) conducting a ceremony.  Despite the lack of direct reference to religion though, the occasion felt religious to me, loving, respectful and redolent of the presence of something greater than just the smallish group that had gathered to tell this small boy how very welcome to the world he was.

I had spent the morning writing, but I won’t blog about that today.  Just a little note on the world wide web to say once more – Welcome to the world Rudi.

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