Good news, bad news

Just got back from London where I went to the book launch of the fabulous Candy Gourlay’s even more fabulous book Tall Story.  I even met the Philippines Ambassador when Riley (the 17 month old on futile reigns) tried to run him down.

I made Candy sign two copies of her book and am told that Waterstones (having bought in 100 copies for the signing) ran out  – so it’s a good job I bought mine early.

I’m not a book launch afficionado really (having only been to two) but I wonder how usual it is to get the party singing?  Candy had brought with her a video of her whole extended family (including those in the Philippines) performing One Love.  A very lovely video which got us joining in (only humming in my case as I knew I was standing next to a professional opera singer) and made us all want to call our mothers.

I also enjoyed meeting up with other writer friends – Harriet, Sarwat, Kathryn and Nick.  And I gushed embarrassingly over Keren David – amazing writer of When I was Joe and friend of Kathryn’s – now forced to be my friend on Facebook too.

Finally I got commiserations on my own bad news.  I met with my editor on Wednesday morning and although it was lovely to see her she told me that my book launch had been pushed back by six months.  I’m obviously completely gutted.  Okay it could be worse – they could have dropped the book altogether!  And I’m trying to look on the bright side – more time to get it absolutely right, possibility of an outdoor party, less pressure over the Christmas (and Riley’s birthday) period, more chance that teens will buy the book (as they have more free time to read on holiday).  Still, I was so looking forward to January – I’m a bit like a kid whose been told their trip to Disneyland has been delayed.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.

  1. Thanks for coming Bryony – I know your push back was disappointing but a summer party will be fabulous. And your blogging friends will have time to build some buzz for you!

  2. You didn’t gush at all, you were very nice! Now can’t wait to read your book (but will have to be patient)

    • V. Kathryn Evans
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Was so good to see you! Am glad I wasn’t singing next to Harriet – gulp! And the book will be just more anticipated – I’m so looking forward to it x

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