There’s something incredibly cool about a volcanic eruption, something almost romantic even.  It’s mother nature at her most elemental and violent, yet she usually gives us enough warning to get out of the vicinity … so you don’t have to feel guilty about loving the idea of a volcano erupting.

I’m revelling in the pictures, in hearing about volcanic sunsets in London and even in hearing about UK airspace being closed by volcanic ash (which apparently turns back into lava in the engines – see, very cool!).  I’m a little concerned that we won’t get to go on holiday in May if planes are still not  flying (and that we won’t get our money back because of the act of God thing) and Andy is concerned about the airline industry collapsing, but I still can’t feel that down about it … because it’s a volcanic eruption.

What’s worrying me the most actually, is that the eruption will inspire a lot of other writers.  At the moment Aviators, my book about a volcanic eruption, is sitting untouched because I’m doing a major rewrite on Child of Darkness, now called Truth or Dare. (My agent thought the central idea was great, but the execution needed work).

So now, Aviators has to wait until Truth or Dare is finished (there’s quite a queue building) and I expect that won’t get solid attention because I still have edits to go on Angel’s Fury. And none of them will get quite the attention they should until both kids are at school (another couple of years yet).

Maybe all these other hypothetical writers will have to park their inspiration on the backburner too, but something I imagine there’ll be a few books about volcanic eruptions landing on agent’s desks in the next year or so!

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