The tagline is sorted (‘No rest for the wicked …’ – I like it, it implies that the people in the book who don’t rest / sleep might be wicked, it’s in the vernacular meaning a lot of work to be done and it’s nicely biblical), I’ve seen the cover rough (and it is ART), but now I have been told that my title is going to have to be changed. 

The current favourite of the publishing house is Angels’ Fury

It all feels very strange, I’m going to see a completed cover for a book called Angels’ Fury and it won’t feel like my book.  I’m sure I’ll see it and think it’s lovely, but I’ll be looking around for my own cover because the book I wrote was called Incarnation.  Weird.

Still, I’m very much looking forward to seeing it. 

I’m also having lots of fun researching my next book: Aviators (about a set of characters surviving in the aftermath of the eruption of Yellowstone).  I’m in touch with a female pilot and four of her friends and I’m interviewing them so I can get into the head of my female lead.  I have also had lots of help from Professor Godfrey Fitton who teaches supervolcanoes to undergraduates.  He’s sent me lecture notes, given  me a sense of what the world would be like post-eruption and laughed hysterically at my idea that the supervolcano could be set off by human agency (apparently the average earthquake releases more energy than an atomic bomb and it would take a heck of a lot more than that to make Yellowstone erupt). 

I made the schoolgirl error of getting carried away and writing the first three chapters before speaking to the Professor and now I’m horribly embarrassed by them.  So I have to start again!  It was an enjoyable exercise though and I have a much better sense of my other characters and how they’re going to react to the end of the world, so the time wasn’t wholly wasted.

It does go to show the value of proper research though, having spoken to Godfrey Fitton I am utterly inspired and although the book might change direction a bit following our conversation it will be a much better novel for it.

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