To Blog or not to Blog …

I recently heard a radio broadcast which suggested that were a writer (particularly a writer of teenage fiction) not to have a blog, they shouldn’t bother writing at all. That it was absolutely essential.
Following on from this, my editor, Philippa Donovan(Egmont), suggested that I should keep a blog.
Although I do sort of keep up with blogs of friends (Candy Gourlay Tall Story and Sarwat Chadda The Devil’s Kiss) I had a general sense that blogging was a bit like diarising. And I’m really bad at keeping a diary: I always buy one, keep it religiously for a month, then nothing.
Also, I couldn’t really see who on earth would want to read my diary (except my husband – he still hasn’t worked out where mine is stashed) and why a lack of its translation to the online medium would have such a serious impact on my career.
Before deciding to politely decline the idea of keeping an online diary in favour of putting the time and energy into other avenues I went back to Sarwat’s blog.
It’s updated less regularly than a diary and he’s not inclined to proselytise on what he’s eaten for lunch each day (which seemed to be the primary function of my old, doomed diaries). In fact Sarwat and Candy tend to write short essays on what they’ve been thinking about.
And it’s pretty interesting reading.
So, this is pretty much how I’ll be blogging: I won’t update this every day – I have two small children, books to write, people to see (okay, not that many people to see), but I will update pretty regularly and hopefully make some online friends as I go.
I’ll write down some of what I’ve been thinking about, what I’m doing about my writing and if I’ve actually done anything interesting. If I come across any useful hints or tips for aspiring writers like my nephew Ben (hi Ben) then I’ll put in links.

In fact this is likely to be more like an old fashioned scrap book than a diary.

If you want to keep up with my rambling, or even start a chat online, feel free.

If you don’t, maybe you’ll read my book (Incarnation: Feud of the Fallen, out January 2011) one day anyway and prove that radio broadcast wrong.

  1. Hi Bryony (it’s me again..!). I too have set up my blog today, and have read your above first blog, detailing pretty much the same reasons why i have decided to write one. Only problem is, this is all rather alien to me, and I wonder if I might ask your advice?
    Having set mine up (Belle Medland), I have ticked the relevant box ensuring my blog can be seen in a google search. Thing is, I did a search myself, and can’t find it! Anywhere! How do people find these blogs to read? (I found yours as you appear in a search – hence why I am asking your advice!) C x

    • Hi there,

      First of all, good luck with all this. It’s still a bit alien to me too, but I’ll give you the best advice I can!

      Regarding the Google Search, I think you need to give it a bit of time before it hits the database. If you only set the blog up today, I wouldn’t expect it to start appearing in searches for a few days, so don’t worry.

      Re. how people find your blog – you need to take it to them. I have friends on Facebook and when I blog I put it in my status updates. I also put it on Twitter with which I’ve recently been making some efforts. I’ve also noticed that I get a lot more hits if I link to other people’s blogs, talk about relevant issues (e.g. library closures) or review a book. So I’ll be doing a lot more of that.

      Good luck and I’ll check your blog out asap.


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